XENAGOS system provides comprehensive solutions related to information display and management for Museums, archaeological sites, exhibitions and tours in cities and areas of cultural and touristic interest. All XENAGOS solutions are designed to manage large number of visitors and to adapt to the specific needs of each site. The integrated solutions of Xenagos system are categorized into three areas:

Content Architect


Gather and manage your content from various sources in a central repository providing on-demand access to your entire publishable content and simplifying content development and production.

Content Synthesizer


Create semantic stories of personalized content. You can preview, modify, relate, share, link and update multiple variations of the story content by target audience, visitor profile and preferences.

Content Producer


Publish stories in any media format based on visitor profile that are adaptable on-demand, so that visitors can access content at any depth from any place. Capture visitor feedback to enrich the story.