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What is Xenagos ?

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XENAGOS is an innovative knowledge management and content presentation system. Designed especially for museums, cultural sites, cities, and large expos, Xenagos provides an enhanced user experience while collecting valuable user feedback and analytics for later use by the host organization.

Xenagos redefines the value of "the object" – into a "gateway to history & knowledge." With its unique Semantic Knowledge Management technology and functionality, the Xenagos system can build a modern and personalized user-experience for visitors by tailoring content and information to each user's profile. The system sources a multitude of information about the displayed item, and then presents a rich collection of additional content for the viewer to enjoy.

  • Powerful Database easily manages large volumes of information and quickly responds to Visitor's requests and queries
  • Exhibit documentation can be richly supported with three-dimensional modeling, chronology, graphic, audio, video, and text files
  • User-friendly interface requires no previous experience or familiarization
  • Fully compatible with all forms of hardware and devices: smartphones, kiosks, tablets, PDAs, laptops
  • Supports all software platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, IBM, etc
  • Host organization determines design and functionality of operations and content, and can adapt the requirements to deliver best results
  • System can be modified and upgraded at any time to optimize Visitors' experience and adapt to new acquisitions/changing conditions
  • All user-data is captured and can be analyzed and utilized via the built-in analytics and statistical functionality